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Creating unique, interactive, eye-catching, bespoke website designs.

Deigning interactive website to engage customers

In a world where customer attention wanders in a few seconds, creating impressionable and engaging website designs is the need of the hour. As a leading web design company in London, we specialise in high-performing websites that are unique to our client’s business.

We don’t believe in a standard template approach. Instead, our creative experts design unique websites that leave a lasting impression on visitors. From using state-of-the-art advanced languages and conversion rate optimization techniques, to stunning and user-friendly interfaces, we deliver high-converting websites for all our clients.

As a top UK web design company, our designs help distinguish businesses from their competitors while attracting prospective customers. We use a mix of interactive media and compelling content to engage audiences while educating them about the business.

Our Core Offerings

What makes us the best web design agency in London?

Stunning website designs

First impressions are everything, be it offline or online. Our experts create bespoke website designs that are unique and customised for our clients. We consider various factors, from the industry type, target audience demographics, company goals, etc. before deciding a design to best cater to our client. As a client-centric web design agency in the UK, we believe in partnership and collaborate with our clients to ensure the design aligns with their goals before getting to the development stage.

Mobile-optimised solutions

Our superior technology ensures a responsive web design that is easy to navigate from any device. With an increasing number of people surfing the internet from their smartphone, mobile-optimised designs cannot be ignored. Our creative approach and bespoke illustrations work seamlessly across devices and increase website engagement while looking attractive.


Clutter-free content display

Have a lot of information to share without overwhelming your audience? Matrix Bricks has you covered. We create content-friendly web designs that allow visitors to easily process all important information without feeling overloaded with content. Every aspect from font style, to colour and text placement, is given utmost care to create a user-friendly design.


Conversion-driven landing pages

Our premium web design services in the UK don’t just look good but aid conversion as well. By placing compelling call-to-actions at opportune places and designing effective landing pages, our website designs help businesses increase sales and boost conversions.


Social media integration

Our focus is on providing holistic web design services in London that allow brands to enjoy maximum benefits at every stage. Our design team makes it extremely easy to share business information from the website on social media. This important feature boosts brand visibility, drives more traffic to the website, and enhances customer engagement.


Animation and immersive effects

Multimedia has added new dimensions to web design creativity. As the best web design agency in London, we integrate various interactive elements to the website, from attractive animations and immersive effects. These are known to increase screen time and boost customer interaction and engagement, encouraging them to stay on the site longer and even be inspired to make a purchase.



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