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An expert social media agency in London, Matrix Bricks offers engaging and innovative social media campaigns tailored across various popular social media platforms. These days social media is the hub for communication, engaging with each other, and discovering new products.

For businesses to effectively engage with customers and reach them across geographical locations, a good social media strategy is non-negotiable. With millions of users accessing some social media platform or the other on a daily basis, partnering with a sound social media marketing company like Matrix Bricks can take their digital marketing to new heights.

Our social media marketing services work in tandem with a brand’s search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing efforts, thus yielding better results. This essential online marketing strategy helps businesses attract new customers while remaining attentive to existing customers.



Improved brand visibility: Social media platforms are increasingly becoming the rime avenue for discovering new brands. By creating a strong social media presence, brands can get noticed by their prospective customers across geographical locations and promote shareable content that further boosts visibility.

Customer engagement: Along with brand awareness, engagement has become an important criterion for conversions. Customers do not want to spend money on a brand they don’t feel connected to. By creating interactive content on social media, brands can engage customers better leading to improved conversions.

Better search ranking: As one of the leading social media marketing companies in London, we provide comprehensive online solutions that yield maximum results. A good social media presence plays a huge role in boosting ranking on popular search engines. An increase in shared content on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter help improve brand credibility on search engines thus improving ranking on relevant searches.

Improved audience targeting: Reaching prospective customers is important to boost conversions. It is not just the amount of people a brand connects with, what matters is if it reaches the right people. Our social media experts can develop algorithms that help identify prospective customers by using various online metrics. This helps brands better target these customers based on their online behaviour, as well as create content that is most likely to attract them.

Memorable and immersive content: A great advantage of social media is the ability to develop creative content. Everything from memes, images, text, videos and other content can be used to attract customer attention. With people constantly scrolling down their feed, creating shareable content that makes the audience pause can be just what a brand needs to stand out from the competition and get noticed.

Budget-friendly solutions: Social media allows companies, from startups to large enterprises, to reach a global audience. Our experts can devise creative solutions that best suit a business without overburdening the pockets. This allows small businesses with limited budgets to access a huge customer base from the get go without having to spend a huge amount of money on traditional advertising.

An effective social media strategy helps brands attract customers that share content and become advocates for the brand. With Matrix Bricks as your social media agency in London, your brand can reach new heights by attracting and engaging prospective customers across the globe. To know more about our social media expertise, connect with us today.

Social media marketing typically encompasses posting texts, uploading images and videos and other content that enhances audience engagement. It also makes use of paid social media advertising.

Social media marketing campaigns aims at

. Establishing a social media presence.

. Creating engaging content and persuasive advertorials that is sharable.

. Encouraging feedback from customer via surveys and contests.

Key Benefits of social media campaign

Brand awareness : Since most people log into social media sites every day, it’s easy to increase brand awareness. Creating sharable content helps your business build recognition and become more visible as you have the potential to reach a broad audience of prospects.

Conversion rate : When a business becomes more visible, it has higher chances of conversions. Whether the aim is to sell a product or lead to your website, creating quality content such as post, image or video improves your conversion rate. The better the impression your content makes on the prospect, the better the results.

Customer satisfaction : Customers yearn for interaction with the brand they patronize. For example, customers appreciate when their comments on a company’s post receive personalized response rather an automated message. Whether it’s a complaint or a question, receiving a reply contributes to better customer satisfaction.

Brand authority : Creating quality, sharable content and customer satisfaction on the social media can help position your business as an authority in the industry. Quality content demonstrates your business has a thorough understanding of the industry and what prospects want. Customer satisfaction increases good will which ultimately helps your brand become authoritative.

Improved brand loyalty : Social media marketing helps you bond with your customers though regular engagement. Many businesses see social media as an avenue to introduce new products while customers see it as a service channel to communicate directly with the business. When both functions are done effectively, it results in brand loyalty.

Why choose us for your Social Media Marketing services?

While the social media may look simple for marketing, it’s not. With lots of pages fighting for your prospect’s attention on the platform, creating social media marketing today doesn’t always drive engagement or increase in conversion rate. Matrix Bricks, best social media marketing agency in Mumbai offers services that understand the dynamics of social media marketing techniques, and are ready to help your business grow by connecting with your audience.

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