Product Strategy


Product Strategy

Product strategy consists in offering the right consumer goods and services to the right target audience. Product strategy includes quality, new product, package design, brand names, research and development. product life cycle, and warranties and services. The goal of product strategy is to develop products that will meet buyer expectation.

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. The fact is, the number of consumers willing to pay a premium for products that save time and are more convenient will continue to grow in the next decade. Therefore, effective execution of packing will be the key to tapping the potential of this market.

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Convert to a different technical package for an existing product :One of the quickest approaches to developing an innovative successful package is to put an existing product in a different package. For example, by putting soup in a package shape like a brick, Campbell Soup Company can offer a product that is lighter in weight and more portable that cans. These packages increase convenience and lead to lower costs.

Develop a new package for an existing product that better solves key marketing problems : An existing product in an innovative new package can bring new sales to the company. Moreover, repacking an existing product can solve problems with existing product delivery systems. By creating a more convenient portable product, a product manager can obtain better margins.

Choose the best package for a new product, looking outside your category industry : A third strategy to get new products to market is to take a new formula or new product and select an existing package that can be adopted to the product. However, to introduce a new product in an existing package successfully, one must understand how the product will be used and what will be most convenient from the consumers’ perspective. Moreover, packing design should be used to help communicate the innovation.

Develop the new product and new package together : This approach helps to optimize the overall performance to optimize the overall performance of the product because it is in a package designed to deliver exactly what is required by the task.

Business analysis : We review the sales, cost, and profit projections to determine whether they satisfy the company’s objectives.

Product development : If the product concepts passes the business test, it moves to R&D and/or engineering to be developed into a physical product.

Market testing : The purpose of market testing is to learn how consumers and dealers react to handling, using, and repurchasing the actual product and how large the market is. In testing consumer products, the company aims to estimate four variables trial, first repeat, and purchase frequency. The major methods of consumer- goods testing are: sales-wave research, simulated store technique, controlled test marketing, test markets, industrial-good market testing.

Commercialization : In commercializing a new product, market entry timing can be critical. The company must also decide whether to launch the new product is a single locality, a region, several regions, the national market, or the international market. The company must target its distribution and promotion to the best prospects groups. Finally, the company must develop an action plan for introducing the new product into the roll-out markets.

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