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Improve ROI with expert PPC services in London.

Improving brand visibility and reaching prospective customers in a short period of time is crucial for a business to succeed. While organic marketing has a lot of merits, it can prove slow for a company looking to get noticed fast.

PPC marketing at Matrix Bricks, offers instant results and optimised marketing and advertising spends. Our experts specialise in cohesive paid digital marketing solutions including search engine marketing and social media marketing campaigns that deliver instant results by boosting a client’s advertising reach and generating the right engagement.

As a reputed PPC company in London, we have developed integrated PPC, SEM and SMM solutions that offer business several benefits and maximise their ROI. Along with end-to-end monitoring of our client’s online performance through in-depth analytics, our paid campaign management services offer timely performance reports to facilitate better decision making.

Matrix Bricks offers effective paid campaign strategies and execution for Paid Search Marketing, Paid Social Media Marketing Campaigns on popular search engines and social media to help your customers reach you easily. From ensuring that your brand appears on the top listings of search engines to developing eye catching social media and display ads, we provide your brand with great exposure across the internet. Our integrated PPC, SEM and SMM services have yielded substantial results for businesses in a wide range of domains. Complete with end-to-end monitoring of your brand’s online performance through in-depth analytics, our paid campaign management services offer timely performance reports to facilitate better decision making.


Instant results: With Matrix Bricks as a PPC consultant in London, businesses can get instant results on their ad spends. It does not matter if a brand has been around for a decade or a few days, our PPC experts know how to reach prospective customers anywhere in the world.

Improved website traffic: A well-executed PPC strategy improves traffic from prospective customers and drives them to the curated landing page of a website. This is a crucial step as it not only enhances brand visibility, but helps aid conversions. By showing up at the right time, businesses can take advantage of a customer’s purchase intention and motivate them towards a sale.

Better targeting: PPC marketing services by our experts allows for better targeting of prospective customers by allowing for targeted messages based on a customer’s search patterns and online behaviour. By understanding search intent and purchase behaviour, brands can connect with audiences when they are most likely to make a purchase.

Testing and updating: PPC campaigns allow for constant testing and quick adaption to any changes ensuring that the client’s ad spend is optimised at all times. Every ad is tested across vigorous metrics for cost-efficiency and measurable business results.

Customised ads: Every ad is customised to best reflect the business as well as resonate with the target audience. Great content can help brands stand out from their competition and attract the attention of their target audience instantly.


. Compelling ad content with relevant keywords for optimised search

. Motivating conversions with a strategic call to action on optimised landing pages

. Optimised ad spend with regular tracking and analytics

. Improved traffic and ranking with Google-friendly practices

. Experienced PPC experts across industry domains

. Improved audience targeting for minimised expenses


From keyword research to optimizing landing pages, PPC marketing can be a difficult task. At Matrix Bricks, we specialise in creating budget-friendly PPC campaigns that offer instant and substantial results.

Succeeding at Paid marketing depends on several factors among which the most vital are

Keyword relevance : Creating relevant keyword lists, tight keyword groups, and proper ad text.

Landing page quality : Creating landing pages that are persuasive with a strong call to action made for specific search queries.

Quality score : Marketers with higher ratings from Google get more ad clicks at lower costs.

ROI : PPC marketing provides high returns on investment as it allows you track and measure your performance. You can see and analyze impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Traffic Generation : Unlike SEO where traffic may take a while to build, Pay Per Click marketing generates traffic faster since they are displayed on the first page.

Target Market : Pay Per Click marketing allows you target a section of internet users based on the use of search queries. You can target keywords through text ads and run ads based on their past behaviors.

Control : PPC marketing gives you full control of your ad content, where you want it published, and the audience you want it to reach.

Pay Per Click versus Pay Per Lead Marketing : Pay per Lead (PPL) is another advertising model that allows you to pay only when an online user provides contact information to you by filling a form online. On the other hand, Pay Per Click means you only pay when an online user clicks on your ad regardless whether they read the landing page or follow the call to action. While PPL marketing may appear to be better because of higher leads, it’s more expensive than PPC marketing.

Key Benefits of Paid Marketing : Quick Entry: One of the critical factors of SEO is domain age and several other factors that focus on time. But you can easily start your advertising campaign and still make significant progress in a short while.

From keyword research to optimizing landing pages, Pay Per Click advertising can be a difficult task. At Matrix Bricks, we have all the necessary experience and tools to help you create a PPC campaign that fits your budget and generates leads. We are ready to help you run a PPC campaign that will yield results.

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