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We are the best Online Reputation Management / ORM services company & agency in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India. Maintain brand reputation with our ORM services. It’s easy to lose the reputation you built over the years in a day. Many companies have suffered damage to their reputation which took adverse toll on their businesses. Yet, a company’s reputation is its most valuable asset. It shapes the way the general public views your products and consequently impacts the decisions of potential customers. Reputation management aims to deal with this challenge.

A threat to your reputation may be a negative review, bad news coverage, or even a crisis. This is why companies need reputation management. Reputation management refers to strategies and activities aimed at ensuring that the public has a positive perception of your business. The presence of the social media and online communities makes reputation management vital as businesses are more at risk of negative reviews and posts.

Here are some studies highlighting why online brand reputation management is essential

. Consumers are twice likely to share bad customer experiences as they talk about their good ones. (Sales Force).

. 7 out of 10 customers will leave a review if they are just asked to by the business. (Bright Local).

. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business (Forbes).

. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust advertising (Vendasta).

Key Benefits of Reputation Management

Helps respond to bad reviews : Proactive reputation management helps you monitor what’s said about your business online so you can respond accordingly. Being unaware of what people say about your business online is risky.

Maintaining positive image : Reputation management helps your business retain its positive image and moulds the public perception of the public to your favor.

Better online visibility : Google places high importance on reviews and user content. Reputation management on the various sites helps your business gain better visibility on search engines.

Attract new customers : The digital space is now a part of the buyer’s journey. Reputation management helps customers judge your business based on positive reviews.

More income : Since people tend to trust what they read, good reputation management helps improve your sales in the long term which also leads to increase in income.

Why Choose us for your Online Reputation Management Services?

At Matrix Bricks, we offer reliable reputation management services for brands and businesses to help them remain in the spotlight for the right reasons. Our team of Reputation Management professionals is ready to help your business remain in the spotlight positively.

Matrix Bricks – Best ORM Company in Mumbai, India

Online reputation management is about boost or reinstate a brand’s image by negate, incapacitate or knocking out the negative content found on the internet and overcome it with more positive content to improve its credibility and customer’s trust in it.

Online reputation management companies in India provide online reputation management services backed by a well built tech team because even one bad review or comment is enough to trigger a ravaging impact on one’s reputations. Potential customers change their brand’s perception based on negative reviews, comments which can spread all over social network. So, it’s important for an Online reputation management company to thoroughly monitor the online reputation of the brand, eliminate these negative diminution and pro actively work towards building a positive reputation of the brand.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

A extensive online reputation management (ORM) strategy not only focus on the robustness of a business, but also constructively counters any negative publicity by its competitors. A strong online reputation that increases trust means that there’s a high probability of converting cold visitors into prospects and then customers.

Research shows that 83% of people trust brand recommendations from friends, and nearly 70% trust consumer opinions more than paid advertisements. Reputation management on the web is not just about negating negative content and generating positive reviews but about building a reputation that makes a brand synonymous with its core values and the primary needs of its target market. This is precisely why businesses need to have a comprehensive online reputation management strategy in place. A good online reputation helps businesses establish themselves as thought leaders and the go-to source for all industry-related problems. This helps businesses earn free media coverage and elevates them above the competition.

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