Competitive Audits


Competitive Audits

Matrix Bricks provides competitive intelligence with our Competitive Assessment Audits for small, medium and Enterprise level businesses. Wondering how well (or not) that your competition is performing in Google and search engines? Our Competitive Audits focus on SEO and how well your competition is performing in Organic Search. I have been conducting site audits since 2002. We have performed Competitive Assessment Audits for some of the largest brands in the world and have helped shaped their digital marketing strategies based on findings from their SEO Audits.

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Why Does My business Need a Competitive Audit?

Depending on how well your site is performing in organic search, the Digital Space for your business and industry may be hyper competitive. As a result it is a good idea to have some understanding of the major players in your space and how they are performing in Search. All it takes is an emerging competitor with a well optimized web property and your website can be displaced in Google’s search results. This can lead to a decline in traffic which in turn can lead to a decline in conversions and as a result a decline in revenue. Nobody wants that, especially knowing how competitive the Search Results can be. It can be difficult to regain your position within the organic search results of Google and other search engines.

Conducting a competitive audit can identify issues where your online competition may be besting you in Search. A Competitive Audit can also establish some bench marking baselines to help you measure how well you may be performing against notable competitors.

What does our Competitive Analysis contain?

Identify benchmark metrics to be used when comparing your brand against competitors.

Analyze optimization efforts of your competitor websites to understand what on-page successes they are leveraging.

Analyze content of your competitor websites to see if there are any content opportunities to be gained.

Analyze competitor link inventory to identify how competitors are gaining authority based on the quality of links pointing back to their websites.

Analyze Search Activity Trends for competitor’s brands as compared to your own brand.

Provide a SWOT Analysis of key online factors that may illustrate why a certain competitor is performing well in the organic search space.

Benefits of a Competitive Assessment Audit

There are a number of benefits to understanding how your competitors are performing from an online perspective. Some of the key benefits of conducting a Competitive Audit include :

Identification online competitors with visibility for your core topics and keywords.

Identification of emerging competitors in your space.

Allow you to benchmark against your noted competitors for key digital metrics.

Allow you to understand your online competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to uncover opportunities to strengthen your site compared to that of your competitors.

Uncover opportunities in topics or phrases that can assist in your optimization and content marketing efforts.

Allow you to develop a strategy for preserving or gaining market share in Organic Search so that you can continue to drive increasing amounts of qualified traffic to your website.

Why Choose us for your Competitive assessment audits?

At Matrix Bricks, we offer reliable Competitive assessment audits for brands and businesses to help them remain in the spotlight for the right reasons. Our team of professionals is ready to help your business remain in the spotlight positively.

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